Booking shows at the Spotlight Concert Series

This is the current model for considering artists for the Trinity Spotlight Concert Series:

We are mostly interested in original singer-songwriter artists/bands, who's shows are on more on the acoustic side, and who's music appeals to all ages.  The artists must be established and be able to draw an audience.  They must be able to communicate with the audience, sharing stories about their music career and songs they have written.  The show must be family friendly.  The organizers of the series only book artists that they have seen perform live (elsewhere) and deem appropriate for the Spotlight series and Trinity Presbyterian Church.

We normally book Saturday evening shows which begin at 7pm with the doors opening at 6:30pm.  We prefer two 45 minute sets with a brief 15-20 minute intermission.  Merchandise can be sold during the intermission and after the show.  We cannot support concerts on Friday evenings.

The Spotlight Concert series will create press releases with the assistance of the artist, and advertise the event on social media sites, event listing websites, in magazines, and in newspapers.

If you are interested in inquiring about booking a concert, please send an email to: or call 484-639-9273.

Thank you for considering Trinity's Spotlight Concert Series.